-- Give yourself the holiday gift of learning!

-- Invest in this course and you will get REWARDED with a better future.  You studied college to earn a living.  Get certified now by a U.S. organization to boost your career and help businesses at the same time. 

-- Love Social Media?  Want to get paid to use Facebook?   This course is open to ALL! from motivated beginners to experienced marketers.  Don't be afraid, you can do this!  Please share to anyone who might be interested.

-- Online course, start anytime!  3 months period.   Take the online course and qualify to take the exam as  "Certified Online Marketer" from U.S. organization (Online Marketing Certified Professionals)  OMCP.org. 

 -- In-person Meetups & review sessions will occur in Cebu City if 6 or per persons RSVP.

-- Become an INTERNATIONALLY-certified Digital Marketer, register now!

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Learn digital marketing from Silicon Valley industry experts and get certified!

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The demand for digital marketing is on the rise and will continue to build momentum.

Are you built to last? Do you have enough professional education to compete in the digital space?

TechTalks.ph would like to invite you to attend this training program to enhance your skills, learn about international standards in digital marketing and get a chance to earn a Certificate from U.S.-based Online Marketing Certified Professionals (OMCP) organization.

Having an international digital marketing certificate shows your dedication to professional development, helping you rise above the crowded marketplace, and helping employers make informed hiring decisions about suitable talent.

This course uses an OMCP-Authorized online training course built by Silicon Valley experts.

It will allow you to gain foundational knowledge in 10 different domains in digital marketing. The platform is built to skyrocket your digital marketing skills at your own pace.

So what are the levels of certification that you can get from OMCP?

OMCA - Associate level for entry-level practitioners and professionals
OMCP - Professional level for those with more experience.

Finishing this course will all you to take the OMCA certification exam.
Once you pass the online OMCA exam, then you are better equipped to service your local and international clients or employer. And, have more confidence to specialize in any of the interesting sub-topics in digital marketing from SEO to paid ads, to Social Media marketing to Programmatic Ad Buying.

Benefits/key features
-44+ hours of High-Quality eLearning Content 
-10 Simulation Exams Included 
-Instructor Dream Team of Silicon Valley Authors 
-Preparation for OMCA, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook, and YouTube Exams 
-40+ hours of project work

TT package inclusions
a) 10 online courses; up to 44 hours of sit-down time. you have 6 months to complete the courses
b) Two (2) in-person discussion sessions facilitated by TechTalks.ph (exclusive to those who join the TT Group, requires minimum 6 participants.)
c) One Year free membership in TechTalks.ph Affiliate Program with discounts to TT events such as GeeksOnABeach.com

What makes this course different than FREE courses?

This course was developed by Silicon Valley experts.   The same online course content as those given by prestigious universities in the USA that would normally cost $3,000 USD.   Once you pass the OMCP exam, it includes membership in an international, professional marketing group ensuring you use up-to-date digital marketing practices, access to monthly webinars to refresh your knowledge, and real-time connection via their online community.   This shows you are a serious digital practitioner who is willing to invest in yourself to give the best service.   That said, FREE courses are great and you should continue to educate yourself as time allows.  CERTIFICATION is the next step to boost your career and elevate your business.   This is an investment for your future that gives you returns via better professional opportunities.   

$379 (Php 18,573 pesos) each. Complete at your own pace within 3 months.  Open to extension for 6 months.   Discounted amount!  limited time only.

Type of Event
Online course, Webinar + (2) in-person review by TechTalks.ph.  In person review requires 6 or more persons.

Date / Time
1) ONLINE COURSES - Start now.  Startup anytime.  Must finish within 3-6 months.

2) In person review with TechTalks.ph - TBD, requires 6 or more persons. 


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