How Symph Ships Web Apps from Cebu to the World (#Startup032 D-Conference)

What:  How Symph Builds Web Apps (#Startup032 Field Trip) 

When:  Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Where:  Symph Office 350-T, V. Urgello St Cebu City, 6000 Cebu‎, Cebu


Symph has done projects for customers like the World Bank and 500 Startups. They have also acted as technical partners of founders in Cebu, as well as build products internally. Find out how they make the magic happen.

How to go to their new office:

A warning though:

This is part of #Startup032 Field Trips, a distributed conference for the Cebu startup community. 

A distributed conference is one where the gatherings are held in the offices of the speakers, across several days or weeks. It is like going on a safari rather than to a zoo. We get to see the alpha lions of the Cebu startup community in their natural habitat.

The topic of this year's #Startup032 Field Trips is Product Management:

• How they make product choices and feature prioritization (eg, how they do customer development) 

• How they manage their software development (eg, actual usage of methodologies like Scrum, how they manage engineers and designers, building the right culture, the biggest challenges they faced, etc) 

Here are some notes from the field trip to Clicklabs Ventures, to give you an idea what to expect.

Here is the list of field trips you can join:

• Clicklabs Ventures

• How 3AG Builds Big Business Software

• How Lifebit Builds Global Consumer Apps from Davao

• How Symph Ships Web Apps from Cebu to the World

• How Caresharing Ships Software from Cebu to Europe

• How EngageSpark Builds Software with Social Impact

Check out this video for something similar in the US:


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