Digital Marketing Festival presents a series of Digital Marketing Workshops and Seminars in November 2016

Robert Cristobal, CCO

Stemming from our Content Strategy Masterclass held in Cebu early this year, is proud to present "Digital Marketing Festival”.

A series of focused workshops for different levels of marketers, digital business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Robert Cristobal, our Chief Content Officer, based in Singapore is coming to Cebu to conduct these sessions. Register now! LIMITED SLOTS ONLY.

Nov 12 - Digital Marketing on a Budget*
Dec 1-2 - Advanced Content Marketing
Dec 3 - Social Media for Business

Advanced Content Marketing (1.5 days)

Designed for those who lead a marketing team, those who have been running guerilla style digital marketing, those who started creating their own content but don't have a strategy in place to distribute & measure the results & those who need to beef up their strategy with a mix of offline and online activities. Key topics include

  • Branded Storytelling [Multimedia design & execution; blogs / podcast / videos / social media]
  • Brand activation [designing and executing product stunts and how to market these activations]
  • Design Methodology for High-Level Marketing Strategy for your internal or outsourced team.
  • Automating your digital marketing (Setup & execution)
Date: Dec 1 9am-5pm;  Dec 2 9am-12noon
Venue: Cebu Parklane International Hotel
Cost: Early bird prices:

  • P7,500  or 50% off, until Nov 25 only
  • P6,750 each person or 55% off for groups of 2 or more, until Nov 25 only
  • P11,250 or 25% off, Nov 26-30
  • P10,500 each person or 30% off, for groups of 2 or more, Nov 26-30

At the door on Dec 1: P15,000

Prerequisites: Some knowledge of basic marketing concepts and content marketing techniques.

Download full agenda here.


Day 1

Part 1 (2 hours lecture; 1 hour hands on + Q&A)

  • Design Methodology for High-Level Marketing Strategy for your internal or outsourced team.
  • Content Strategy vs. Digital Marketing; A Primer
  • Identifying your key message & tone of voice
  • Planning your content distribution
  • Getting the buy-in from everyone on your team
  • Setting up your high level marketing strategy template

Part 2 (3 hours lecture; 1 hour hands on + Q&A)

  • Branded Storytelling [Multimedia design & execution; blogs / podcast / videos / social media]
  • Your brand story in 60 seconds (video production in half a day)
  • Writing a blog based on your brand story content
  • Atomizing your blog content for social media
  • Repurposing your brand story to a podcast episode
  • Creating your social media brand story calendar

Day 2

Part 3 (45 minutes lecture)

  • Brand activation [designing and executing product stunts and how to market these activations]
  • Types of product stunt
  • Content-hacking your product stunt
  • Best practices on brand activation
  • DIY brand activation
  • Marketing your brand activation

Part 4 (1 hour and 25 minutes lecture; 45 minutes hand on + Q&A)

  • Marketing Automation
  • Designing your marketing automation logic
  • Setting up your marketing automation tools and how much you need to invest
  • The art of nurturing your leads
  • Designing non-intrusive call to actions
  • Website with blog - the holy grail of marketing automation


Social Media For Business

Just because you are posting on social media does not mean that you have already done a great deal of social media strategy. Are you reaching your target audience? When is the best time to post on various channels and what is the frequency for each?In this track, you will learn:

  • Which is the right channel for your brand?
  • How to customize your social media profile
  • What type of content you need to post (including tone of voice design)
  • Creating your library of social media content Proper content curation
  • How to use a social media calendar
  • Basic social media analytics

Date: Saturday, Dec 3   10am to 6pm

Venue: INIT SPACES (UP Cebu-DTI CoWorking Spaces), Cebu City

Cost: Early Bird

  • P1,800 or 28% off until Nov 25
  • P1,600 or 35% off each for Groups of 2 or more -  until Nov 25
  • P2,000 pesos or 20% off - from Nov 26 to Dec 2
  • P1,800 pesos for Group of 2 or more -  from Nov 26 to Dec 2

P2,500 - At the door on Dec 3, pending availability. Full-time students with ID - 1,500 pesos  Limited seats!

Download full agenda here.


Lecture: Social Media for Business Fundamentals (1 hour 20 minutes)

  • The Social Media space demystified (What social media is not)
  • Who are you in the social media space? (Content creator, marketer, analyst)
  • Design thinking for Social Media (Content creator, marketer, analyst)
  • Saying the right things at the right channels to the right audience
  • Finding the right channels where your audience are hanging out
  • How to be consistent in your branding in Social Media
  • Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter - when to go beyond these channels
  • What is Social Media ROI

Best Practices on Social Media Posts

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Examples of SM campaigns in Cebu and Singapore 

Social Media Advertising

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Social Media and Public Relations (PR)

  • Basics of PR; Setting up your PR Strategy
  • Traditional Media and Digital Channels
  • Social Media as part of PR Campaign

Crisis Management (When someone attacks your business online)

  • Best Practices
  • Training yourself and your staff; Crisis Planning; Mitigating Risks; Proper Communication Channels; Professional Support

Workshop: Building Your Social Media Business Space

(1 hour lecture; 1 hour hands-on + Q&A)

  • Facebook page vs. Facebook account
  • #Hashtags done right
  • The golden rule in Social Media tagging
  • Social media content calendar
  • Social media lead generation
  • Types of social media content and their sources



Digital Marketing on a Budget

If you are in the marketing, sales and advertising fields, how do you use digital tools to complement traditional marketing methods? How do you reach today's millennials, today's Facebook-savvy consumers? Do you abandon TV, radio, newspaper advertising to focus 100% online? Well, it depends. In this seminar you will learn the digital marketing tools that you can optimize when budget is a constraint.

Date: Nov 12, 1pm to 5pm
Cebu City
P500 Professionals; P400 each for groups of 4 or more; P300 students (ID required)

Pre-requesites: None