WHAT: SMM: The Insider Secrets

WHEN: April 22, 2017 | 10AM to 6PM

WHERE: iioffice Cebu (co-working space), 2nd floor Arlinda V. Paras Building, Don Gil Garcia Street



Does social media excite you? Are you the person who wants to explore how your social content can reach more people? Do you constantly stare at your notification to see if people are reacting to your social media content?

We have an exciting proposition for you. If you want to be certified as an international "Online Marketing Associate," then you better keep reading.

Based on a Silicon Valley certification course for online marketing professionals, this class provides video and in-person presentation. Aside from learning the principles of international standards in social media marketing, you will learn the techniques and use the right tools that the market requires.

Fast-paced and designed for beginners to intermediate learners, this will prepare you to take the exam as a U.S.A. Certified "Online Marketing Associate."

You will obtain a TechTalks.ph Certificate of Participation for this one day course. And that is one step closer to getting the USA certification, find our more by emailing us at info@techtalks.ph. We have basic social media free online course to help your prepare for our module. Click here.

Digital Marketing jobs predicted to hit 150,000 by 2020. Digital marketing expertise leads the pack in 2016 for most desired skill sets. 90% of all marketing roles required digital marketing experience or analytical skills.
– Source: Digital Marketing Institute Hannibal

Event Description

Business success can often depend on what you do (or don't do) when it comes to marketing your company online.

Social media accounts are important but there's so much more that goes into increasing your fan base, generating leads and increasing your sales.

That's why we encourage to join our SMM: The Insider Secrets and will walk you through how to create a truly effective social media strategy.

Key Features

What you will learn by joining this workshop:

  • Building a social media strategy
  • Insider Secrets
  • Engaging with the online influencers and evangelists
  • Measure your social media strategy impact

Who Can Join

  • Digital Marketing Practitioner
  • Social Media Enthusiasts
  • Students
  • Everyone who are interested to learn social media marketing




John Gleen Grava

TechTalks.ph Project Manager/Digital Marketer

JL Grava is a Digital Marketing Manager and a professional writer/ editor for 7 years with marketing coordination and cross-platform marketing experience. He has worked in Dubai, Singapore and in Philippines and has a strong background in creative writing and editing in print, Television and online media and wide experience with social networks and implementation of social media marketing.

Tina Amper

TechTalks.ph Founder

BSECE, MBA. Educated in Cebu and California, she worked as business professional in the tech industry overseas. She returned to her hometown in the Philippines in 2012 and is currently working on advocacies to promote tech and startups in the Philippines.

Kareen Satorre

TechTalks.ph Marketing Manager

"Kareen" Satorre is the Senior Marketing Manager at TechTalks.ph (fulltime). With extensive experience in International Customer Service and Social Media, Kareen has now become adept at various Digital Marketing strategies.  As a consummate self-learner with can-do attitude, her expertise ranges from social media content creation to content strategy with strong skills in operations and project management.